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R536 between Hazyview and Sabie permanently closed

It has been reported that the R536 between Hazyview and Sabie is very dangerous at this time, and that it could collapse further.

The R536 between Hazyview and Sabie has been permanently closed due to the collapse of a section of road about 20km outside Hazyview.

The road first started collapsing on February 14 due to the ongoing downpours. By Sunday February 19, a much larger portion of the road had gone.

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The road has been closed from both the Hazyview and Sabie sides with chevron boards and further sets of “closed” signs have been placed 500m from the collapse.

About 200m from the collapse, trees have been pulled across the road, and a load of sand has been dumped right near the collapse itself.
> Photo: Supplied

Reports are that the whole road is very dangerous and that further collapse could happen at any time.

The road is therefore closed until further notice.
Motorists are advised to travel to Sabie via Graskop.
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