Lydenburg; know your voting election venues

Most voting stations in Lydenburg are located in community buildings like local schools, churches or community centres.

With the upcoming general elections kicking off tomorrow, Wednesday May 29, it’s crucial for residents to familiarise themselves with the designated voting election venues in their area.

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The election will provide South Africans with a national and provincial vote to elect a new National Assembly and State Legislatures. The National Assembly will choose the president for the next five years. It will be the country’s seventh democratic general election since apartheid ended in 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected president with the ANC winning 62.5% of the 400 seats in the National Assembly.
A key reminder for tomorrow’s proceedings include that you will receive three ballots and not just two as in the past elections.

What to expect on Wednesday:
• Three ballot papers must be completed and they are:
Ballot 1: A national ballot to vote for a political party to represent you in the National Assembly.
Ballot 2: A regional ballot is a new one to vote for political parties or independent candidates contesting in a specific region (province) for elections to the National Assembly.
Ballot 3: A provincial ballot to vote for political parties or independent candidates contesting elections of the Provincial Legislature.
• Independent candidates: For the first time in South Africa, people who are not associated with political parties may stand as independent candidates to contest National and Provincial Elections, due to the 2023 Electoral Amendment Act.

To check where you are registered, click on the following link or have a look below at the comprehensive list of voting stations in and around Lydenburg. You can also check your ID number by SMSing it to 32810 (R1.00 per SMS).

Voting stations will be open from 07:00 to 21:00.

Voting stations in and around Lydenburg:
• Mashishing Community Hall
Hoof Street, Mashishing, Lydenburg
• Lesodi Primary School
Meester Street, Mashishing,
• Mashishing Ext 6 Hall
Tambo Street, Mashishing,
• Roman Catholic Church
Jocklaan Straat, Township,
Thaba Chweu
• Marambane Primary School
Derde Street, Mashishing,
• Mashishing Secondary School
2nd Avenue Street
• Shalom Church Centre
Coromandel Farm, Emshinini
• Klipspruit Combined School
Lydenburg / Machadodorp Road,
• Uitkyk Plantation
Main Road To Makobulaan,
Uitkyk Village,
• Tpa Hall,
C/o Schurin & Roussouw
Street, Lydenburg
• Lydenburg Recreational Hall,
Corner Nel and Finsbury,
• Spekboom Lutheran Church,
Lydenburg Ohrigstad Road,
• Rhenosterhoek Compound Hall,
• Sabie Lydenburg Road,
• Draaikraal School
Draaikraal Farm,
• Indian Community Centre Hall
Thaba Chweu
• Kellysville Primary School
Protea Avenue,
• Bosfontein Primary School
Naaupoort, Bosfontein Farm,
• Lydenburg Recreational Hall,
C/o Nel and Finsbury streets,
• Lydenburg Civic Centre
C/o Central and Viljoen streets,
• Marifaan Primary School,
Zwelakhe Street,
Thaba Chweu

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