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Mine buses missing after hijacking

The present location of the vehicles and their passengers is not known.

More than ten buses from various mines in the area were hijacked this morning.

Mineworkers, who were either coming off night or going onto morning shift, were supposed to get onto these vehicles, but were left stranded when perpetrators forced the vehicles off the Roossenekal road.

The R555/Roossenekal road is the main road from Lydenburg to almost all mining operations.
According to information received, the busses were then instructed to drive to an undisclosed location.
The exact location is still uncertain.

A reliable source told the newspaper that hundreds of workers were prevented coming from and going to work on account of the hijacking.
“We ask people to remain calm and not spread false rumours regarding the situation. There are no hostages at this stage. The incident is being investigated.”

The suspects responsible for the hijacking have not been identified, nor have their modus operandi been established.
The SAPS were called out to the scene after the incident occurred.

The road is open and traffic is flowing.

Speculation is that several community groups are unhappy that miners from Limpopo are being appointed at the mines in the area and that local workforce is not being utilised. The true reason behind the hijacking, is, however, still uncertain.

More information regarding the incident will be disclosed when it becomes available. Steelburger/Lydenburg News will keep its readers updated.

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