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Mhala Regional Court sentences Polosho Milimi for multiple charges

Polosho Milimi was sentenced for kidnapping, murder, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of an unlicensed firearm and some ammunition, and escape from lawful custody.

On Thursday May 16, the Mhala Regional Court found Polosho Milimi (30) guilty of kidnapping, murder, theft of a motor vehicle, possession of some unlicensed ammunition and escape from lawful custody, and sentenced him.

According the provincial Hawks’ spokesperson, Captain Dineo Sekgotodi, a missing person case was reported to the Calcutta Police Station on January 28, 2020. During their investigation, some information led the team to Milimi’s residence.

“A search-and-seizure operation was authorised and executed. A vehicle belonging to the reported missing person, Given Sipho Shabangu, and some 9mm rounds of ammunition were found and seized. Milimi was arrested on February 7, 2020. He told the team that he would take them to accused number two, Bonginkosi Ndhlovu [22], who knew more about the vehicle,” said Sekgotodi.

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“On February 12, Milimi was booked out for further investigation. He took the team to Ndhlovu. Shortly after their arrival, as a police officer was guarding them, Milimi and Ndhlovu managed to escape. The officer was held at gunpoint by an unknown person on the scene. Ndhlovu, Milimi and their accomplice escaped in an unmarked police vehicle. The police gave chase and all three were arrested. The unmarked police vehicle was later recovered.”

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The third man was not part of the investigation, and he was not named by the police.

Sekgotodi added that on February 13, 2020, Ndhlovu took the team to the former hiding place of Milimi. On arrival, they found some human remains. Forensic investigations revealed it was Shabangu’s body. The investigations were finalised and the matter was transferred to the Mhala Regional Court.

Accused number two, Ndhlovu, was acquitted of all charges on May 16. Accused number one, Milimi, was sentenced as follows: for the count of murder, on which he was found guilty as an accessory after murder, he received 10 years’ direct imprisonment. For the count of theft of a motor vehicle, he received five years. For the escape from lawful custody, he received five years. With some of the sentences running concurrently, he will effectively serve 15 years of direct imprisonment.

However, for the counts of kidnapping and possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, he was acquitted.

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