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Stinkhout Crescent’s streetlights still off

The City of Mbombela’s spokesperson, Joseph Ngala, admitted that nothing has been done, however, the old fittings of the streetlights will be replaced within two weeks.

Despite promises from the City of Mbombela (CoM) to repair the streetlights on Stinkhout Crescent, they are still not working.

At the beginning of April, the CoM spokesperson, Joseph Ngala, said that they were not aware of the problem until Lowvelder brought it to their attention, despite businesses in the area claiming that the matter had been reported several times before.

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He promised that the CoM would investigate the problem and fix the lights. However, almost two months later, no action has been taken yet.

Lowvelder once again raised the issue with Ngala, said nothing has been done yet done. “These are old fittings that need to be changed and new ones put in. We estimate about two weeks to complete this task.,” he said.

The ward councillor, Kenneth Mkhonto, said he reported the matter to the CoM’s energy department and is still awaiting feedback.

Meanwhile, businesses in Stinkhout Crescent said they will embark on a campaign in the near future to revive the area by making sure it’s clean and the streetlights are working, ensuring the safety of all in the area.

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