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Unique flower exhibit in White River a blooming success

The Market at Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre is organised to promote quality locally made products and small businesses.

The Lenteblommeklub held its first post-Covid exhibition at the Casterbridge Motor Museum on Sunday June 2, and what a great experience it was!

This truly unique event saw 16 floral artists compete in five classes with different themes, of which three revolved around spares and wheels.

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According to Ansie Cilliers, chairperson of the Lenteblommeklub: “The show was about being innovative, combining beautiful flowers with vintage cars.The floral artists arranged more than 40 designs in various scales, showcasing their talents and love of flowers. All of them were very creative, using old car parts and even tyres. The people at the exhibition loved them all.”

Cilliers said it was a huge success as more than 100 people attended, and the club is already planning another instalment for 2025.

Nattaniah Kühn.



Fred and Elize Bitter.
Shirece Billingram and Erin Pelser.
Desmond Maleka.



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