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Hacks for hands-on dads who travel a lot for work

While the idea of jet-setting around the world is exciting, when you have children waiting for you at home it can be frustrating, stressful, and lonely.

Balancing work and being a dad who travels a lot presents unique challenges. And, to make everything just a little harder, decades of research and hundreds of studies have proven that the more involved a dad is, the more successful his children will be. Recent studies show that a father’s influence can determine a child’s social life, grades, and future achievements. There’s no doubt that frequent travel could impact on your kids, so you’ll need a parenting plan.

This is how you can make it work:

Have daddy days

Do a few special one-on-one things with each of your kids before you leave. Build up a reservoir of time and go to the zoo, on a hike or have a picnic in the back yard.

Wake up when they do

This is a tough one, but when you’re at home, wake up early and play with them for a couple of hours. They will love it! It’s like filling the bank account, the memories get withdrawn later.

Make a colourful countdown calendar & special box

Show your kids when you will be leaving and when you’ll be home. Decorate a special box together and have your child keep special items, such as drawing and photos) in it to share with you when you return.

Don’t miss out

Have someone videotape a game or a performance that your travels may cause you to miss. When you get home, make a big event out of watching it together.

Prevent tough goodbyes

To make parting easier, give your little one a hug and a kiss saying, “I love you, I can’t wait to see you when I get back, but I know you’re going to have fun.” Then leave.

Use the technology to check in every day

Skype, Facetime, MMS, pics, text, and so on. Maybe, create a blog just to upload videos for the home team.

Leave daddy reminders

Put a photo in easy-to-find places like a toy box or a favourite shoe.

Keep trips as short as possible

Squeeze in a late meeting and fly home instead of waiting another day, if possible.

Bring them something special

Just a small token to say that you’ve missed them. Get creative, maybe buy a magnet board and pick up a magnet every time you’re away.      

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