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The hidden dangers of shopping trolleys and children

Shopping trolley-related injuries cause substantial paediatric morbidity among children under the age of five, and can be deadly.

Every day, parents take their children shopping with them. However, it is impossible to glance at the shelves while closely monitoring a youngster, and hundreds of children are wounded each year while riding in shopping trolleys.

Injuries can and can occur in the time it takes to reach for something on the shelf. Knowing the dangers and following shopping trolley safety tips might assist to keep you safe when shopping.

Did you know?

Around 66 children are treated in emergency departments for shopping trolley-related injuries every day. When children fall from the trolley or the trolley falls over, they are more likely to sustain injuries. Serious injuries such as concussions and shattered bones, as well as death, are possible. Accidents to the head and neck are common shopping cart-related injuries.

Tips to prevent falls from shopping trolleys

  • Choose carts that appear stable and are not wobbly.
  • Keep children away from the wheels where little fingers can get pinched.
  • Use seatbelts to restrain your child in the cart seat.
  • Don’t allow your child to ride whilst standing in the cart basket.
  • Stay with your child at all times.
  • Don’t allow your child to ride or climb on the sides or front of the trolley.
  • Don’t allow an older child to push the trolley with another child in it.


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