Video: Policeman crushed – WARNING: Graphic images

Members of the public had to lift a car from a critically injured policeman, who was struck by a rolling car after a massive collision in the Walter Sisulu/Beyers Naude crossing.

W/o Shima Mhaule, a court orderly, was struck alongside court interpreter, Vusi Nkosi, with whom he was chatting before tragedy struck around 07:30.

The accident occurred in front of two Observer journalists who, were waiting at the intersection en route to the Wonderpark Centre.

Details of precisely what occurred were still sketchy by the time of print, though the journalists saw two vehicles, a red bakkie and red sedan, colliding, before the sedan spun out of control, veered onto the pavement, and continued to roll at high speed, to where the two men were standing.

The bakkie fled the scene, immediately after the collision, with a traffic official close on his heels.

Both w/o Mhaule, and Mr Nkosi, were crushed between the sedan and a parked Citi Golf.

The sedan however landed on top of w/o Mhaule, pinning him to the ground.

Midst loud screams of anguish, many men rushed to the bleeding policeman’s side, lifting the car and pulling him from beneath.

Within seconds the scene was overrun by colleagues of the two men, including magistrates and prosecutors.

Shock quickly overwhelmed everyone on the scene, including paramedics who fought ferociously for the lives of the injured, in the absence of ambulances.

One provincial, and a single ER24 ambulance, arrived after the collision, with off duty paramedics rushing to the scene to assist.

Unrelenting streaks of blood trickled into the street from the parking bay, where the two men were struck by the rolling car without warning.

Both sustained multiple fractures and serious head trauma, and were rushed to hospital where they were admitted in critical condition.

Despite frantic attempts by paramedics to save w/o Mhaule’s life, his injuries were just too severe, and he died shortly after being admitted to hospital.

Captain Khanyisile Zwane told the Observer that a number of statements had to be taken, and therefore the police could not speculate on what had happened before going to print.

She merely said “no arrests have been made,” in reply to a question on the whereabouts of the bakkie driver, who fled the scene.

Middelburg Observer is reprimanded for publishing the picture of a dying man, without blocking out his head and the blood, and is directed to remove the first two pictures from its website, with a note of this finding.


  1. Wat is fout met julle gesonde verstand?!!? Hoe publiseer julle hierdie fotos??? Hierdie beampte het dalk ‘n vrou en kinders, is die skok van verlies vir sy familie nie erg genoeg nie, MOET julle hierdie ook plaas?! Julle kon mos fotos van die voertuie plaas, hierdie is regtig bitter SWAK!!!

  2. Net ‘n vraag…in die geval van so ‘n ongeluk, waar jy nie met sekerheid weet waar oral die persoon beseer is nie…moet daar nie heel eerste ‘n nekstut opgesit word voor wonder verbind word nie?

    Baie jammer vir die familie van almal betrokke!

  3. Elaine I’m sorry but the sooner the “vroue en kinders” see this sort of thing, the sooner they will realize the REALITY and be more careful on the roads. You can’t expect the media to hide everything that’s not nice. Isn’t that a violation of truth / our rights ? The media should be unbiased and uncensored. We rely on the news for accuracy. If you can’t deal with it, click to the Kiddies section instead or go hire some Fiction books from the library. The rest of us actually do care to know whats going on around us, without any need for artificial sugarcoating thank you.

  4. Y Botha: As ‘n algemene reël word gepoog om die pasiënt se nek en rug te immobliliseer, maar daar is noodgedwonge uitsonderings. Indien jy verwys na pasiënt wat onder gerolde motor beland het, is die antwoord “nee”, want sy lewe kon moontlik gered word deur hom onder die motor uit te haal. Ewe-eens, sou bloeding sò ernstig wees dat dit lewensbedreigend is, sou stelping belangriker wees as immobilisering. Lewe kry voorrang bo lidmaat. Waar risiko’s soos ‘n voertuig wat aan die brand geslaan het of ander dreigende verdere of ernstiger beserings teenwoordig is, sou besluite op soortgelyke basis geneem word.

  5. The woman had the dignity to attempt to comfort one of the victims, race didn’t matter to her, she saw him as a human being. All the other morons just stand around and look. It says EVERYTHING about the culture that exists in SA.

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