Chaos ensues at Kanonkop Spar after 11 police vans rock up to arrest one man

More than 11 police vehicles crowded the parking lot of Kanonkop Spar to arrest one man for his cargo.

Mr Deon Cornelius from Ubhetyan O Africa found himself in hot water, with little chance to explain himself, for transporting dead chickens in the back of his bakkie. Mr Cornelius heatedly explained that after authorities at first approached him about the chickens, he took out paperwork to show that they were collected from a nearby chicken farm to feed the lions at Ubhetyan.

Mr Deon Cornelius.

He further alleged that the police then wanted to arrest him for driving under the influence, despite the fact that his wife was driving the vehicle.

The scene quickly turned tense as more authorities rocked up, where an officer was later overheard telling Mr Cornelius that his license had also expired. At the scene, the same officer then started arguing with journalists for documenting the event, telling one journalist that he does not care who she is.

The crowd started hurling remarks about how seldom such a heavy response is seen at murder cases.

Mr Cornelius was arrested at the scene. is uncertain on what charges.

At one point, 11 vehicles including the SAPS, STLM law enforcement and traffic department, were counted. More arrived at a later stage. has spoken to Mr Cornelius, who is currently in the police station. He said that he will give comment at a later stage.


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