Balls of fire in Dennesig’s sky

The strange sighting of about three balls of fire that was seen moving through Dennesig's sky last night caused great excitement under residents who managed to capture the phenomenon on video.

The occurance, which was easily confused as a meteor sighting at first, soon made national news after it was seen from as far as Botswana’s borders.

Local star gazer, Ernst Marais, told after seeing the video numerous times, that astronomers have identified the sighting as what is commonly known as space junk.

Mr Marais explained that space junk is artificial debris that is lost or cast off in outer space by rockets or satellites.

While he could not confirm where the space junk originated from, he deduced that it could have been anything from a burned out satellite, to a multi-staged rocket that came apart after launching.

•The photo and video footage in’s possession, was shared by Dennesig resident, Lunette Breedt.

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