The Olympian who loves Loskop

A runner in the Loskop Marathon had to stop running momentarily, as his designated registration race number had come loose and needed immediate help to be reattached.

The runner stopped at his nearest water point where someone rushed with excitement to help him. The runner then received assistance, kind words and a pat on the back and continued on his way, unbeknownst to him, however, that someone was none other than Olympic gold medallist Josiah Thugwane!

The Loskop Marathon holds a special place in Josia’s heart, a race in which he is the record holder and two-time winner.

His enthusiasm and passion were evident as he gave water alongside words of encouragement at two separate water points during the early hours of last Saturday morning.
He even showed the water point staff the precise amount of Coca-Cola that needed to be poured in order to give the runners optimal energy.

Josia encouraged runners during the Loskop Marathon last weekend.

His radiant smile was a sight to behold as his sincerity shone through, which gave that little extra incentive for all runners to go the extra mile.

After his spell at the water points, he gave commemorative permanent numbers to every runner taking part in their 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th or 30th Loskop Marathon.

Josia told the Middelburg Observer, “I am so very, very happy that the Loskop Marathon has made its glorious return. I cannot wait to come back next year!”

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