Dangerously low temperatures to slam Middelburg

Keep warm Middelburg!

An extreme cold front is seemingly set to hit Middelburg over the upcoming weekend and into next week.

According to various weather services, including Apple, Google and the South African Weather Service, next Tuesday, July 11, could see a potential low of 1°C.

There is a wide fluctuation of estimates for the remainder of the week, however, the cold front could potentially continue until next Friday.

Snowfall is expected to land across South Africa’s eastern face this weekend, with even areas such as Ermelo and Belfast expected to receive a cold white blanket by Monday morning.

The cold front is thought to have originated over the Atlantic Ocean and will spread over the Western Cape on Friday afternoon, then proceed over the rest of the country during Saturday and Sunday, with many weather stations and experts believing Limpopo could also be heavily affected.

Pets left outside will be at high risk of catching pneumonia or frostbite. Do not neglect or give your pets the cold shoulder, make sure they are kept indoors, snuggled up and warm by your side.

Another consideration is the large population of our community living on the streets or in ill-equipped and poorly protected homes, as prolonged exposure to cold weather can result in hypothermia.

We would like to remind the public that these are estimates subject to change, however, Middelburg is urged to stay warm.

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