Sixth traffic light felled for copper cables

Cable thieves have continued their campaign of sabotage by sawing another traffic light down for its copper cables.

DA Ward Councillor, Deon van der Merwe informed the Middelburg Observer that another traffic light on the corner of Zuid- and Verdoorn Street was cut down over the weekend.

The traffic light is the sixth one to be chopped down, following five incidents which took place over the Heritage Day long weekend, during which three traffic lights were sawn off on the corner of Zuid- and Verdoorn Street, while the other two were targeted on the corner of Boncker- and Koets Street.

All of the traffic lights were out of order at the time of the thefts, which had been reported to the municipality by Cllr van der Merwe for over a month.

“I see that four-way stop signs have since been erected to manage traffic,” Cllr van der Merwe pointed out.

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