Man apprehended by Calcutta community after robbing elderly couple of money, gun

Ammunition was also recovered inside the suspect's house.

A 26-year-old male suspect was apprehended by the Belfast community in Calcutta after allegedly robbing a 76-year-old female pensioner at gunpoint yesterday around 12:45.

According to information, the old woman and her husband were in the garage of their home.

It is said that the wife reportedly bumped into a man armed with a firearm as she entered the house to prepare for church.

The was then allegedly robbed of a trunk containing an undisclosed amount of c,ash as well as a firearm belonging to her husband.

The elderly lady screamed for help, with community members responding.

The suspects was chased down and apprehended at his residence.

Police were called to the scene and the suspect was arrested and is currently in hospital under police guard after sustaining some injuries inflicted by the community.

It is further reported that he was caught in possession of two firearms, one having been robbed from the pensioners.

The other weapon was reported stolen in the same area of Belfast earlier this month.

Ammunition was also recovered inside the suspect’s house.

Other items found in the house included the trunk with an undisclosed amount of cash stolen from the elderly couple.

The suspect is expected to appear at the Mkhuhlu Magistrate’s Court soon.

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