Aspiring police officers scammed by fraudsters

In the last few weeks, the police have received an increase in complaints from desperate job seekers who were defrauded.

Desperate job seekers in Middelburg have fallen prey to scammers promising them jobs as police officers.

The unsuspecting job seekers said they received phone calls from people claiming to be from human resources.

The scammers asked when the job seekers were going to the police training college and demanded money.

The police have urged residents to be wary of the following modus operandi:

• The suspects promise the job seeker will be hired as a police officer.

• They demand payment or personal information, such as an ID number or banking details.

• They request interviews or meetings at the Middelburg Police Station.

• They use different cellphone numbers as their contact details.

The police advised residents to verify job postings and companies through official websites and contact numbers.

• Be cautious of unsolicited offers or requests for payment.

• Never share personal information or payment details with unverified sources.

• Report suspected scams to the SAPS.

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