5 things you need to know about Google’s new messenger service

Google is launching a new instant messaging app, Allo, set to compete with Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. Here are five things you need to know about the app.

Google is set to give WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger a run for its money after it unveiled its new messenger app, Allo. Allo is a one stop shop app service that allows you to instantly chat as well as use Google services.

Although the app boasts some exciting features, some people have criticized them over privacy concerns.

1. It’s free on Android and IOS

The app will be available in a few months and will be free on Android and iOS smartphones.

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2. It acts as an assistant at your fingertips

Allo will feature a built-in Google assistant that allows users to get information from Google by merely sending messages to the @google handle.

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3. Allo will try prompt your replies

With a feature called Smart Reply, Allo will attempt to recognize what you’re saying, or even the pictures you share, and suggest answers so you can simply tap instead of typing your replies. Allo taps into the same machine learning network that powers Google Photos.

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4. If you don’t want the app to guess your replies, you can opt out

Google servers analyzing all your messages and photos is not an ideal option for everyone so there is a way to opt out. There’s a separate incognito mode that provides end-to-end encryption to keep messages private.

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5. Allo has other awesome features to try

Allo has other features like the ability to share photos directly from your phone’s camera roll, loads of sticker and the ability to “whisper” and “shout” in a text-based conversation simply by dragging an arrow up or down to quickly change the font size of any given message.

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