Smart ways to add fun to your spontaneous road trips

To make your road trips interesting, try out these tips:

Waking up on a Saturday morning and deciding to embark on a spur of the moment road trip has to be one of the most liberating things to do. The spontaneity makes it fun and exciting, leaving your inner adventurer fulfilled.

Use a printed map instead of a GPS

Technology has provided us with easy and convenient applications and features on smartphones, and one of them is GPS. Although it’s user-friendly, convenient and reliable to get you to your destination, the GPS app has the potential to take away some of the fun associated with road trips. Using a “traditional” map will add an extra sense of adventure, especially on trips that take you off the beaten path.

Engage in some fun road trips games

Games are always a great way to fuel fun when you are spending time with friends and family at gatherings or any other occasion – road trips are no exception. Playing road trip games such as the license plate game and 20 questions is a great way to add humour in your trip and to make it more memorable. Board games such as dobble and 30 seconds are also great to play on the go.

Take detours to watch the sunset or sunrise

Watching the melting sun disappear into nothingness or rise into the waking of the day can be one of the most calming things nature has to offer. Take detours to roads that offer better views for sunset or sunrise, and just enjoy the beauty of nature.

Pack your camping gear

Sometimes a spontaneous road trip means sleeping in the bush, a forest or even near the beach. Instead of booking into a guest-house, B&B or hotel to spend the night, opt for a nearby camping site instead. So pack your camping gear for a fun time communing with nature. Nothing compares to sleeping outside with the stars clear as crystals plugged into the sky.

Take a book

You might want to get lost in a good read  while taking your breaks at garages or parks on your way to your unknown destination. This can help you keep yourself company if you’ve decided to take a solo trip. It will keep your mind active and engaged while you embark on this refreshing expedition. It’s also a great way to kill time when you’re making pit stops.

If you are a lover of fun and random adventures, then try some of the above-mentioned tips on your next road trip.  

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