Travel tips to help make your next flight a breeze

While local travel is all most of us can do right now, it can be stressful if you haven’t done it in a while and are unsure of Covid protocols.

Read the airline’s policies

Check online to see how many baggage items you’re allowed. Make sure that you meet the requirements because you’ll end up having to pay or cram your stuff into your hand luggage or suitcase at the airport. For Covid safety, some airlines allow you to book the middle seat so you don’t sit right next to another passenger.  

Be a follower

Always rely on airport signs as they are easy and straightforward, but look at some of the people on your flight; follow them to the luggage carousel if you’re not sure where to go.  

Wear glasses instead of contacts

Most people’s eyes get dry during flights, so if you wear contacts, rather wear your glasses and don’t forget your eye drops.  

Travel in a jacket with pockets

One of the best airport hacks is being able to put things into the pockets of your coat such as your ID and boarding pass and cellphone.  

Take a portable phone charger with you

If you have a portable charger, you won’t have to run around the airport to find one if you’re suddenly out of battery.  

Choose the security point on your left

Experienced travellers swear that most passengers choose the security point on the right because they are right-handed. Try to remember next time to turn left and see if you avoid long queuing.  

Take extra Ziploc bags with you

All liquids should be packed in a plastic bag to avoid leaks, but take some spare ones too. They are so useful to keep plugs and cables or documents in one safe place.  

Email yourself a copy of your ID and driver’s license

Send yourself and print a copy of your most important documents, just in case. This goes for children’s birth certificates and medical aid insurance too.  

Morning flights are best if you don’t like turbulence

If turbulence worries you, travel in the morning as most storms usually happen in the afternoon. If you don’t have a choice, then pick a seat in the middle of the plane as it’s the most stable area.  

Have extra masks and sanitisers

This goes without saying. Covid protocols stipulate food or drinks cannot be served during your flight so make sure you’ve had something to eat and have some water with you. There are some airport lounges open and everything from the cutlery to the croissants is packaged separately.  

Don’t miss something important

Music, lectures, and podcasts are great to help you pass the waiting time, but be careful if you wear headphones at the airport as you could miss an important announcement, like a gate change or delay.  

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