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Six reasons why your child should have a pet

How can your child benefit from having a four-legged friend? Here are six surprising ways pets are good for your kids.

Has your child been begging you for a four-legged friend? Whether your child wants a dog, cat, hamster, or rat, it’s important that they are old enough to handle an animal gently and take proper care of it. There are many great benefits for children when it comes to owning a pet. Here are six reasons why allowing your child to have a furry friend might be a good idea.

Pets can help your child’s emotional development

Children who grow up with pets are said to have better social skills and higher self-esteem than those who don’t. These children are also more popular amongst their fellow peers. Pets not only teach a child nurturing skills, but they also help with the development of non-verbal communication. Overall, children who have pets at home, show a more caring attitude to their environment and those around them.

Pets can teach your child responsibility

Pets depend on us for food, attention and exercise. Children who have pets develop a sense of responsibility early on in life as they fulfill their pet’s needs on a daily basis.

Pets can help your child build a stronger immune system

Multiple studies indicate that children with pets are less prone to allergies and asthma. Being exposed to pets and associated allergens before the age of one boosts a child’s immune system.

Pets can encourage your child to be more active

Having a dog encourages your little one to get physical. Dogs love to play, especially outside which will encourage your little one to venture outdoors instead of sitting in front of the television or tablet. Keeping up with a dog’s playtime will allow your child to stay fit.

Pets can teach your child about commitment

Having a pet is a full-time job. A dog, cat, or even a fish is not something that can be put away when a child gets tired of looking after it. Pets need to be loved and taken care of every day. Having a pet teaches a child about commitment and how to follow through with responsibility.

Pets can help your child learn discipline

It’s been scientifically proven that having a dog helps children learn about discipline. By teaching a dog how to listen, children in turn learn the value of listening. As a result of caring for another being and committing to the responsibility of raising a pet, children learn many life skills. Plus, they get to share their childhood with a best friend who they will cherish into adulthood.

Keep in mind: Just because animals look cute under the Christmas tree doesn’t mean they make good Christmas presents. Caring for a pet is an enormous responsibility, so before you get your child a pet, ensure that your whole family is able to commit to caring for your new family member for the rest of its life.

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