Alex Mitchley
1 minute read
14 May 2014
12:42 pm

New app tackles city’s pothole problem

Alex Mitchley

The Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) has released a user friendly mobile app called ‘Find&Fix’ to allow residents to log issues on the go.

The JRA is a city-owned agency responsible for the maintenance, repair and development of Johannesburg’s road network storm water infrastructure including bridges, culverts traffic lights and signage.

This hassle-free app gives residents a simplistic way of logging issues such as potholes or traffic lights not working. So instead of long phone calls, tedious emails, now logging an issue is an app click away.

A nifty tool added to the ‘Find and Fix’ app is that you can also take a photo of the issue. Unfortunately you will need your GPS- locations settings on, otherwise it will not allow you to log the issue.

This may prove difficult when you see a pothole on the road but only try to log it once you are at home.

JRA Find&Fix Beta


The app which has gone live already has over 100 downloads and a four star rating on the Google play store.

Julie Moosa commented on the app saying it is a great idea. Robert Botha agreed that it was a great idea and said ‘The app is slick. Let’s see if the human process behind it can match.’

All you need, is a mobile device and an email, the user friendly interface even ensures that the most technologically impaired citizens of Johannesburg will be able to log issues without frustration.

JRA Find&Fix Beta

The application is not available for tablets currently, but the JRA said they would look into enabling tablet use.

‘Find and Fix’ is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Windows Phone store, however it could not be found on the iPhone App Store or Blackberry store.

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