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15 Mar 2018
8:58 am

Thinking of buying a car? Read this


There's a lot to consider before you get your hands on the steering wheel of your great new ride.

Getting a new set of wheels is super exciting. After all the research and the trips to the car dealerships, it’s completely worth it when you set your hands on the steering wheel for the first time.

Perhaps you’ve thought of an official “car-warming” song that will be the first to pump through your speakers. Or considered who will be granted the privilege of being your first passenger?

But before all of that happens, there are a few other things to take into consideration.


Many people may dream of purchasing the iconic Aston Martin DB5 as driven by James Bond, but not everyone can afford it. There are many things that you need to consider other than how much the car will cost. If you’re buying a new car, will you be able to afford the balloon payment that comes with it? Also, have you included monthly expenses like car insurance as well as a separate budget for car services and maintenance checks? Use this car affordability calculator to determine if you are able to afford the car you’d like to buy.

New or used?

Well, you need to weigh up your options. Yes, buying a used car will be much cheaper than a brand new one but this decision may be a costly mistake in the long run. Used cars are not always in mint condition and sellers may not be honest about the problems the car has. In contrast, buying a new car can save you money on making any fixes within the first few months or even years of your car’s life. If a used car is more suited to your budget, see if you can apply for a service or maintenance plan. Many dealerships offer them as a way to bridge the financial gap when you have to replace or fix any of your car parts.  


Your car has to suit your lifestyle. If your daily commute involves having to bundu-bash your way over gravel roads, then choosing a safari vehicle with all-terrain tyres is a better option than a normal hatchback car would be. Also, think of your long-term goals. If you plan on travelling long distance frequently with your car, then purchasing one with a bigger boot capacity (for all that luggage) may suit your future needs better.

Be patient

With just a little bit of patience, you’ll be able to score the best deals. If you have the time, give yourself a 3-6 month period to find a car. Even if you don’t end up buying the car you initially planned on, you may find a different model at an even better price that will meet your needs. While you’re car-hunting, subscribe to newsletters and follow the social media pages of dealerships in the area.

Once you’ve found the perfect car, why not reward yourself with a much-deserved road trip?