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13 Aug 2018
9:00 am

Your phone transformed into a Guardian Angel on Call thanks to your car insurance

1st For Women

From knowing when you need emergency medical assistance, to a person to wait with you if you feel unsafe, there’s Guardian Angel on Call for every eventuality on the road.

Imagine this. It’s 7am. You’re driving along with your best friend, you’re finally off on that long-awaited road trip. It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining and life is good. You yawn. You slept enough but man it’s early. And you still have a long drive ahead. You switch on the radio. The Road Traffic Management Corporation reports that 14 050 people died in accidents on SA roads in 2017. That sends a chill down your spine. You’re more alert than ever.

You look over, your companion snores gently beside you. You don’t want to wake her, she’s had a tough week at work. You’ll let her rest. You could do with a rest. Instead you take another sip of espresso.

Then – out of nowhere – a massive pothole.

Just as well you took that advanced driving course. Your reflexes kick in.

You swerve, quickly, expertly, carefully.

Shoo. Relief.

You handled that well – and without even waking your bestie, she’s still fast asleep!

As you take another sip of espresso and change the radio station, you think: thank goodness there was no one else around, that could have been so much worse. What if I had hit an oncoming car? A million thoughts race through your mind. Your turn up the radio, there’s an ad playing, it sounds familiar. They’re talking about your insurance company…

“When you get comprehensive car insurance from 1st for Women, you get a Guardian Angel on Call that keeps you safe if you’ve been in an accident…”

Hmm, I remember that from when I took out car insurance recently, you think. And when I downloaded and registered on the 1st for Women app. You go back over that conversation you had with that lovely lady from the 1st for Women call centre. Wow, she really knew her stuff. You remember everything she told you as the ad continues to play.

“…Our mobile crash detector will send an ambulance if you need emergency medical assistance whether you can contact us or not; an authorised tow-truck that you can trust to meet you at your exact location; a Guardian Angel to wait with you if you feel unsafe, and we’ll arrange a lift to get you where you need to go – all through our app.”

Ah, you breathe a sigh of relief. If you’d been faced with something worse than dodging a pothole, there’d be a Guardian Angel on Call to keep you, and your sleepy companion, safe.

Brought to you by 1st for Women

All it takes is one app to have safety, convenience and peace of mind at your fingertips – a first for car insurance in South Africa. When you get comprehensive car insurance with 1st for Women, you’ll get the Guardian Angel on Call benefit standard on our app. This mobile crash detector sends help when you’re in an accident, in any vehicle.

Simply download and register on the 1st for Women app, input your details (such as your medical aid information and any conditions or allergies you have) and allow the app to access your location. Then share the app with your regular drivers and five loved ones, so that they too can use the Guardian Angel on Call benefit. It’s as easy as that.

Guardian Angel on Call starts working from the minute you start driving, and can detect if you’re involved in a severe accident. If a severe accident renders you, your regular drivers or your nominated loved ones incapacitated or unconscious, Guardian Angel on Call will still automatically send emergency medical assistance directly to your location.

First for Women Insurance Company Limited is an authorised financial services provider (FSP licence number: 15261). Terms & Conditions online.