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5 Jul 2014
10:16 am

Meet the magnificent BMW M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe (video)

Citizen Reporter

BMW M3 fans are faced with two major developments with the launch of the newest versions of one of the world's favourite performance brands.

BMW M3 Sedan

The move to a six-cylinder dual turbocharged engine is probably the most eagerly awaited as it is a serious under the skin change. Secondly and more likely to feature prominently in BMW marketing campaigns than in the minds of petrolheads is the “introduction” of the M4 Coupe, which is really the new designation for what was known and loved as the M3 Coupe.

BMW M4 Coupe

BMW M4 Coupe

Fans fearing the demise of the V8 could spell a slowing in the M3’s relentless march toward ever better cars can relax. The new six is simply awesome and really does combine the best of a high-revving naturally aspirated unit with raw turbocharged power.

Dr Friedrich Nitschke, President BMW M GmbH said, “The engine is the heart of every M model, and the new turbocharged six-cylinder unit fitted in the two new cars combines the virtues of a high-revving naturally aspirated unit with the strengths of turbocharger technology.”

One of the primary objectives in the development of the BMW M3 Sedan and BMW M4 Coupe was to ensure the new cars offered impressive race track capability. Hence the presence of a track-specification cooling system, which ensures that the optimum temperature balance for the engine, turbochargers and transmission is maintained at all times.

Want to find out more? Look out for The Citizen’s full review in next week’s Motoring edition. Until then, enjoy these clips of the new BMWs.

BMW M3 Sedan and BMW M4 Coupe Price list

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