Motoring Correspondent
2 minute read
16 Oct 2020
7:58 am

Gen Z goes car-hunting – from Rangers to M4s and Golfs

Motoring Correspondent

Younger generation showing a newfound interest in vehicles.

BMW’s M4 is one of Gen Z’s top 10 most searched cars.

South Africans aged between 18 and 24, commonly known as Generation Z, are showing a new-found enthusiasm for learning to drive and owning a car. In fact, their interest in cars has tripled in South Africa since the start of lockdown. This is apparent if one examines traffic by this demographic on AutoTrader which has risen by 293% since the start of Lockdown in March. As the largest digital automotive marketplace in South Africa, AutoTrader provides unparalleled insight into car-buying patterns in the country. Gen-Zs previously made up 7.8% of the car-search audience. This number has since grown to 17.2%...