Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
5 minute read
14 May 2021
9:25 am

Kia Sonet writes a winning small SUV piece

Charl Bosch

Sonet enters a section of the market no longer able to be ignored.

New Kia Sonet in top-spec EX guise finished in Intelligency Blue.

The term that defines a fourteen line poem, admittedly with two “n’s”, and not the acronym with one “n” that denotes Synchronous Optical Network, is most likely to have been the reason behind the naming of Kia’s newest and smallest SUV, the new Sonet. Unlike the aforementioned poetry reference though, consideration towards a rhyming scheme that characterises this type of writing style is doubtful to have played a part anywhere in the Sonet’s development as the memorandum of understanding is much clearer to decipher; an SUV “to begin your life with”. Nation at war Arriving and slotting into a segment...