Jaco Van Der Merwe
Head of Motoring
3 minute read
21 May 2021
8:02 am

R82k extra for a set of Mercedes-Benz wheels? Haibo!

Jaco Van Der Merwe

If you can fork out R3.1-million for a GLS 63, shiny rims fit for a Snoop Dogg music video may have merit after all.

The recent topic of a lot of debate, the optional monobloc wheels of the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63

Being one of the most desirable brands in the motoring world, a Mercedes-Benz doesn’t come cheap. And if the top AMG offers from the three-pointed star isn’t enough already to make the average motorist gasp for air, the number of zeros on some of the optional extras will leave most in total disbelief. One option popular among buyers is upgrading the car’s wheels. It doesn’t matter how big the rims are when the vehicle rolls off the assembly line, there is almost always a bigger option. At a premium of course. Mercede-AMG recently rolled out the performance model of its...