John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
4 minute read
7 Jul 2021
9:09 am

FLOYD ON F1: The essence of racing under threat

John Floyd

It was concerning to see five-second penalties dished out so easily at F1 in Austria for incidents that would otherwise be considered as proper racing.

Red Bull's Sergio Perez paid the price twice for not allowing Ferrari's Charles Leclerc to overtake him in Austria on Sunday. Picture: AFP

The F1 Austrian Grand Prix last Sunday saw another victory for the Red Bull team. Max Verstappen appears to be unbeatable at present. Not fantastic racing, but at least it is the variant we have all wished for since 2014. Too see the latest standings in the 2021 F1 Driver's Championship, click here. It was an incredible weekend for the F1 race stewards, with five-second penalties and penalty points being strewn like confetti at a society wedding. Also, flags were being waved for exceeding track limits and crossing prohibited white lines on the pit lane entry.But it did not end...