John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
3 minute read
14 Jul 2021
8:34 am

FLOYD ON F1: Trial by fire for new weekend format

John Floyd

F1 enters new era at Silverstone with revamped British Grand Prix programme promising a greater spectacle for fans.

A whole new weekend format will be set on motion at the British Grand Prix. Picture: Getty Images

It is interesting to note the considerable differences between F1 teams when it concerns the future of the sport. The recent meeting of existing and possible future engine suppliers and the teams displayed some significant objectives, based on the involvement of automotive manufacturers involved in F1. Purists are looking to bring back the soundtrack of those glorious days of V10s and V12s but embracing modern technology regarding emissions. Others envisage a future where electric power will play a much greater role in F1. I am not so sure on the latter, as another aim is to reduce costs. Experience with...