Glen Hill
1 minute read
11 Dec 2014
11:00 am

A cool car named Adam

Glen Hill

Opel have resurrected themselves in a big way with a product onslaught set to hit our shores as the new year starts.

Appropriately the first new vehicle in the range is called the Adam.

Customizable in over 1000 ways, via different combinations of all sorts of aspects in and on the car, the little two-door is about as cool and funky as a car can get. If you’re tired of the interior after the first service, you simply have to say, and the door panels can be changed to a different colour.

But its not just about looks.

General Motors have allowed Opel to go back to their German roots and given them a handsome budget to do so.

The result is a car that not only looks exceptional, but feels that way too.

Initial impressions were of a car that has a high quality fit and finish and a ride quality to match.

The 1-litre turbo-charged engine has plenty of poke for its modest dimensions and a six-speed gearbox keeps it on the boil without burning excessive fuel.

Opel are being a little cagey about pricing, probably due to the rand’s volatility right now, but the Adam should sell for between R190 000 and R230 000 depending on which derivative and options you choose – Adam, Glam and Jam.

Even if you have to go in at the start of the range an Adam with a 1,4-litre naturally aspirated engine mated to a five-speed box, you will not be disappointed as the base spec is high and safety features run across the board.

The Adam is a fitting leader to take Opel into a new world. Look out for pricing in The Citizen next week Wednesday.