John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
2 minute read
29 Jun 2022
8:28 am

FLOYD ON F1: Mercedes dropped the ball with new car design

John Floyd

Red Bull and Ferrari team bosses are against Toto Wolff's call for FIA intervention.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is not a happy camper. Picture: Getty Images

As an F1 scribe of advanced age, I have witnessed numerous changes to the rules and regulations over many seasons – some rather interesting, many incomprehensible, and a number rather dubious. Most were introduced to improve the sport, but many have created further issues. The introduction of a new car format this year, designed to create closer racing and more overtaking, has caused issues for a few teams, particularly the previously dominant Mercedes, who are struggling with the 2022 contender, the W13. By now, you will be aware of the F1 cars’ porpoising and bouncing phenomena and the subsequent heated...