John Floyd
Motorsport columnist
3 minute read
13 Jul 2022
7:30 am

FLOYD ON F1: Safety officials have plenty to ponder

John Floyd

Concerns over halo testing and safety barrier layout after Zhou escapes unharmed.

The narrow space where Zhou Guanyu's Alfa Romeo ended up at SIlverstone left the rescue team little room for manoeuvre. Picture: AFP

The huge multi-car accident at the British F1 Grand Prix resulted in unanimous praise for the “halo” safety device, which undoubtedly saved Alfa Romeo’s Zhou Guanyu’s life and prevented serious injury. Further investigation revealed the young Chinese driver was extremely fortunate. Images of the accident show the drivers’ roll hoop, mounted above and behind his head, broke away almost immediately when the inverted car struck the track surface. This is a critical component in the effectiveness of the halo. If you envisage an imaginary line running from the highest point of the halo to the highest point of the roll...