Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
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5 Aug 2022
2:43 pm

Volkswagen Golf 8 could potentially be the last

Charl Bosch

Wolfsburg has confirmed that a decision on the Golf's future will be taken in the next twelve months.

On the way out?

Despite expressing support for a ninth generation Golf as recent as last year, an updated report from Germany alleges that Volkswagen has reportedly not committed to an all-new model after the implementation of the Euro 7 emissions regulations in 2025.

According to, recently appointed Volkswagen Brand Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Schäfer, said a decision on the Golf’s future will be taken in the coming twelve months as the brand continues to focus on electrification in preparation for an all-electric future before 2030 .

“We will have to see whether it is worth developing a new vehicle that does not last the full seven or eight years,” Schäfer, who headed Volkswagen South Africa between 2015 and 2020 before becoming Skoda’s Chairman till April this year, said.

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According to the report, the sudden reversal from comments made in March last year by former Volkswagen Sales, Marketing and Aftersales Head, Jürgen Stackmann, comes on the back of the brand wanting no less than four electric models on sale by 2025 with an alleged starting price of €25 000 or the ID.2 that will serve as the spiritual replacement for the up!

At the same time, states that applying the lifecycle of the current Mk 8 Golf, which debuted in 2019, to the Mk 9 would have a negative and ultimately costly impact on Wolfsburg’s finances in the run-up to full European internal combustion engine banning in 2035.

Based on Schäfer’s comments, new internal combustion vehicle prices could increase by as much as €5 000 after the EU7 regulations due the complexity of implementing cleaner emissions technologies.

Volkswagen not talking about Golf 9
At present, the Golf 8 is solely represented by the GTI in South Africa with the R following in 2023.

As it stands, the Mk 8 is only expected to end production in 2025 or 2026, although a planned facelift before then could lead to further emissions improving methods antipcated to drive costs up even more.

“Individual mobility is a basic need and must remain achievable in the future. The solution is electro-mobility,” Schäfer stated.

While very much under wraps at present, expect more details about the Golf’s future to become apparent heading into 2023.