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Brad Binder: Brilliant on a bike, but ‘useless’ at braaiing

KTM rider Brad Binder reveals that having mates over in abundance affords him the luxury of overseeing things.

It takes a brave man to clock a speed of 366km/h on a MotoGP motorbike around a race track. It takes an even braver one to admit he lacks braai skills. That is Brad Binder for you.

The South African ace bike racer made this revelation when replying to a question The Citizen Motoring submitted to the official MotoGP podcast Last on the Brakes. We had a much more important question than the usual bike and track-related things he gets asked about all the time.

We wanted to know if Binder and his Australian Red Bull KTM team-mate Jack Miller ever braai together? And if so, what they put on the grill where they both reside in Andorra?

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Brad Binder spills the beans

“Jack and me are team-mates, but we’re also mates away from the track. We’ve had a few braais. There’s not too much to it, it’s the standard procedure,” Binder said.

But the savvy presenter, Fran Wyld, wasn’t content with such a short answer and probed him further. She wanted to know whether he use gas or a fire during a braai.

“I’m useless, I must be honest. Super super terrible,” Binder revealed.

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“If I try to braai on coals I mess it up. I’m really good at inviting a lot of mates for braais. Then I just oversee my mate who has a good idea of what he is doing.

“That’s how I like to braai.”

Brad’s take on ‘boerewors’

So once he has sent out his invitations and selected the master of the grill, what do the KTM man prefer to braai?

“In South Africa, its standard. You get steak, chops and boerewors,” Binder said, before trying to explain to the podcast’s global audience what boerewors is.

“It’s mix of things like your sausage type of thing. What is in it, I’m actually not too sure and I don’t think I want to know.”

Binder is sixth in the MotoGP world championship after the first three rounds. Next up for him is the Spanish Grand Prix on 27 and 28 April.

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