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By Charl Bosch

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Stormtrak bides its time ahead of all-new Ford Ranger’s arrival

Next generation Ford Ranger set to renew its fierce rivalry with Toyota Hilux.

The current Ford Ranger, code name the T6, is in the process of being replaced by an all-new model that goes by the T6.2 code.

Thanks to the semiconductor shortage, we can only hope to see the new model locally by the end of the year.

We are happy to bide our time in the meantime, as the journey in our long-term Ford Ranger Stormtrak has been nothing short of memorable.

The current T6 Ford Ranger has been a runaway success for the Blue Oval, especially after its first facelift in 2015. It has been able to do what no other bakkie could – and that takes the sales fight to the Toyota Hilux.

The Stormtrak is, of course, an externally enhanced version of the ever-popular Wildtrak, with its biggest attribute in my book being the automatic rollerbed shutter.

Besides it being way safer than the traditional tonneau cover that can easily be removed or sliced open, nothing beats showing off by simply pushing a button and watching as everybody marvels at its easy open and close functionality.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak
The Ford Ranger Stormtrak rides on 18-inch black alloys.

Pardon the pun, but the automatic rollerbed shutter will be rolled out onto the new T6.2 Ford Ranger models as well.

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As for the drivetrain, that, too, will be carried over into the new T6.2 Ford Ranger, but with a number of revisions.

For starters, the ten-speed automatic gearbox will be updated, hopefully so it skips gears a bit less, or too quickly like it seems to do now. This results in a loss of grunt when you need it most, in my humble opinion.

Then there is the engine. In the Stormtrak, the 2.0-litre bi-turbodiesel makes 157 kW of power and 500 Nm of solid torque. In the new T6.2 Ford Ranger, power will be reduced to 155 kW, with torque unchanged.

The reason? I have no idea. I assume it has been done as a means of lowering the expected starting price relative to the flagship 3.0-litre V6 which will produce 184 kW and 600 Nm. Or to make the tree huggers happy and reduce the carbon dioxide output.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak
Red contrast stitching is a feature of the Ford Ranger Stormtrak’s cabin.

Talking about emissions; from town driving, two trips to KwaZulu-Natal and back, towing a racecar and taking an extra-large rottweiler to the vet, our Stormtrak has performed with aplomb.

Until the new T6.2 Ford Ranger arrives, the current T6 Ford Ranger will prevail and in the case of our Stormtrak, it has not missed a beat after 23 000 km.

In 4×4 guise, The Ford Ranger Stormtrak carries a sticker price of R874 100 which includes a six-year/90 000 km service plan and four-year/60 000 km warranty.

Next month we will talk to you about the semi-conductor-hungry computers driving the Ranger Stormtrak.

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