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Power-crazed Koenigsegg Gemera drops hybrid for twin-turbo V8

Lifted from the step-up Jesko, the unit is said to deliever more than 1 600 kW.

As if it wasn’t ludicrous enough, Koenigsegg has announced that their four-seater Gemera can now be outfitted with a V8 powerplant instead of the already potent twin-turbo three-cylinder hybrid.

The Koenigsegg name has become synonymous with jaw-dropping automotive feats in the last decade. Most recently it officially opened a new production plant for the Gemera model where owner Christian von Koenigsegg announced that the same V8 that motivates the Jesko can be optioned in the new Gemera model and will be mated with the firm’s “Light-Speed” nine-speed automated transmission.

Even more power

In the case of the Jesko, the flat-plane V8 affords the hypercar with an output between 1 000 kW and roughly 1200 kW depending on the fuel grade used.

Interestingly, reports suggest that in the Gemera, this eight-cylinder’s output is ramped up to north of 1600 kW alongside an increase in torque from the Jesko’s 1000 N m to an absurd 2 750 Nm of torque.

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Onto the Light Speed Transmission, which many pundits believe to be a revolutionary take on the core aspects of the way a transmission operates.

Composed of nine forward gears and seven, wet multi-disk clutches it is said to provide significantly faster shifting times by way of a series of constantly opening and closing clutches. This affords a sense of seamless acceleration and deceleration.

Now about price…

This configuration drives up the Gemera’s price of nearly R32-million up by a whooping R7.5-million directly converted into Rands.

Article first appeared on carmag.co.za.

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