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23 Jul 2021
11:32 am

Toyota renames Pleasure Pedal to side step raunchy undertones

Motoring Correspondent

The pressure reducing brake pedal's name has been changed to Comfort Pedal outside Japan.

New Toyota Aqua the first model to feature the Pleasure pedal.

A new technological feature designed by Toyota, aimed at reducing brake pedal input brake wear, has had its name changed for markets outside of Japan for fear of sounding too raunchy.

Debuting this week on the second generation Toyota Aqua – known in other markets as the Prius C – the so-called “Pleasure Pedal” only requires drivers to exert subtle pressure on the pedal when braking as a result of it featuring regenerative braking.

Toyota Pleasure Pedal
Aqua, known elsewhere as the Prius C, has been a runaway success in Japan.

A system similar to Nissan’s one-pedal designation used in the Note e-Power which the Aqua competes against, the Pleasure Pedal is only activated in Power+ mode with Toyota claiming a 40% reduction in heavy braking use as a result of the regenerative system.

According to Australia’s though, Toyota has opted to change the designation to Comfort Pedal for international markets in order to avoid unwanted giggles or even long-term inappropriate gestures and remarks.

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The Aqua meanwhile, which has been a sales-hit in Japan with sales of over 100,000 units a year since its debut at the end of 2011, becomes the latest model to ride on Toyota’s GA-B platform with motivation coming from a 1.5-litre hybrid powertrain Toyota claims sips unleaded at a claimed 2.8 L/100 km.

Toyota Pleasure Pedal

In addition, it also serves as the first Toyota to offer an emergency power supply in the form of a 1,500-watt outlet that allows power to be drawn from the battery and used for household items during a blackout or in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis Japan often experiences.   

Offered in four trim levels; B, X, G and Z, the Aqua comes as standard with front-wheel-drive with an electronic four-wheel-drive system known as E-Four available across the range. Pricing starts at ¥1,980,000 (R264,626) for the entry-level two-wheel-drive B with the top-spec Z E-Four priced at ¥2,598,000 (R347,221).