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16 Oct 2013
8:00 am

S-Class ‘the best car in the world’


Excitement is mounting as Mercedes-Benz prepares to showcase their flagship model, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class at the Johannesburg International Motor Show.

With the three engineering priorities in “Intelligent Drive”, “Efficient Technology” and “Essence of Luxury” the new S-Class extends the boundaries of technology on many levels.

The S-Class is not just a technological spearhead for Mercedes-Benz but for automotive development as a whole.

As with every generation, the new S-Class will set standards across the board to retain its accolade as “the best automobile in the world”. Perfection down to the last detail results in “The Essence of Luxury”.

This pursuit of the best or nothing is particularly noticeable in the interior. Whether it is the seats or the air conditioning, the controls or the design, the infotainment or the comfort and safety in the rear new ideas and highest perceived quality underpin the high standards that the engineers have set for the new S-Class.

The same applies to safety. What started with PRE-SAFE 10 years ago and continued with DISTRONIC PLUS has now resulted in a new dimension of motoring: comfort and safety are merged into one. Mercedes-Benz refers to this as “Intelligent Drive”.

A whole host of new systems makes the new S-Class even more comfortable and even safer.

The S-Class is efficient and within 10 years Mercedes-Benz, by realising “Efficient Technology”, has drastically reduced fuel consumption, while the drag coefficient of CD of 0.24, sets a new benchmark.

The new S-Class is the world’s first car to dispense entirely with light bulbs in favour of LEDs, once again pointing the way ahead.

In its first year the new S-Class line-up features one petrol hybrid version, the S 400 HYBRID, one petrol model, the S 500 and a diesel variant in the S 350 BlueTEC.

All models boast class-leading efficiency and up to 20 percent lower fuel consumption than the outgoing model series.

In addition Mercedes-AMG is also unleashing the new S63 AMG. This most powerful high-performance saloon in the luxury segment sets new standards in terms of driving dynamics, lightweight construction and efficiency.

The AMG 5.5 litre V8 biturbo engine is the most powerful member of the BlueDIRECT engine family, with an output of 430 kW and torque of 900 Nm – delivering effortlessly superior “driving performance”.

The new S-Class is the true embodiment of a modern luxury sedan: it is an exclusive first-class experience and offers an exquisite feeling of well-being at the same time.

Show goers will be able to experience first-hand the ultimate in luxury motoring at Mercedes-Benz stand in Hall 6.