Andre De Kock
Motorsport Editor
3 minute read
8 Jun 2022
8:15 am

Regional Extreme Festival ready to burn second-time rubber at Zwartkops

Andre De Kock

Packed programme, one of the biggest this year, will see nearly 200 entries compete in 10 categories over two races each.

Jonathan du Toit (TAR Lamborghini Huracan) and Charl Arangies (Stradale Audi R8) could fight for G&H Extreme Supercar victories. Picture: Reynard Gelderblom.

Motorsport from dawn to dusk awaits enthusiasts at the Zwartkops Raceway near Pretoria this Saturday.

The venue’s Supercars and Pocket Rockets Regional Extreme Festival event will cater for 10 separate racing disciplines.

Topping proceedings will be two races for G&H Extreme Supercars, with drivers like Charl Arangies (Stradale Audi A8), Jonathan du Toit (TAR Lamborghini Huracan), Greg Parton (Drizit Lamborghini Huracan), Nicky Dicks (Curvent Porsche 911 GT3) and Mark du Toit (TAR Ferrari F430) at the front end.

The M Performance BMW brigade will drop in for a noisy, fast visit.

2022 Regional Extreme Festival Zwartkops 2 preview
Front runners in the On Track Clubmans races should include Louis Cloete in his Subaru turbocharged powered Volkswagen Beetle and Dirk Lawrence (Honda Ballade). Picture: Dave Ledbitter.

Top contenders should include William Einkamerer (BTAS 335i), Andreas Meier (Trained Amateurs 318i STC), The Citizen‘s Mark Jones (SavSpeed 335i), Jagger Robertson (Big Boss Auto/Liqui Molly M3), Rick Loureiro (Combined Racing 325i), Carlo Garbini (Kimbo Coffee 330i Turbo), Rob Gearing (335i S) and Oz Biagioni (VR Fuel M3).

The Car Care Clinic 111 races should see podium challenges from the likes of Adrian Dalton (Xtra Clothing & Shoes Volkswagen Golf), Wouter Roos (Care Care Clinic Volkswagen Golf GTI), Mark du Toit (TAR BMW Z4), Piet Potgieter (Nathan’s Motorsport Volkswagen Golf GTI), Lenard Archer (ACD Honda Civic Type R), Kobus Brits (Pragma Volkswagen Polo) and Gerhard Henning (Volkswagen Golf GTI).

Andre’ Dannhauser (Pro Auto Rubber Opel Corsa) should be the man to beat in the Car Care Clinic SuperHatch races, facing off against people like Jonathan du Toit (TAR Honda Civic), Lenard Archer (ACD Hyundai Getz), Melani Spurr (Care Care Clinic Volkswagen Polo), Louis Scholtz (Care Care Clinic Honda Civic), Francois Henning (Hennie’s Morellta Park Volkswagen Polo) and Dhiren Ganasen (Honda Civic).   

With 43 cars on the list, the day’s largest entry will be that of the PABAR VW Challenge category.

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At the front end, people like Rory Atkinson (BHIT Polo), Stiaan Kriel (Design Hut Polo), Waldie Meintjies (Polo), Derick Smalberger (Sabertek Polo), Mike Barbaglia (PABAR Polo) and Wayne Masters (Performance Polo) and Bevin Masters (CPS Polo) should fight for honours.

Jeffrey Kruger (Lotus 7), Thomas Falkiner (Taylon), Mackie Adlem (Birkin), Rudi Barnard (Birkin), Clive Wilmot (Birkin), David Coetzee (Birkin), John Kruger (Lotus) and Ian Young (Birkin) should fight for victories in the Lotus Challenge events.

Top contenders in the On Track Clubmans races must include Paul Sullivan (Nash MV3), Gerard Krige (Lotus 7), Eugene Gouws (Master Mowers Chevrolet Can-Am), Anton Bitzer (Bitzer Bikes Mazda RX-7), Louis Cloete (Performance Parts Volkswagen Beetle), Wayne Lebotschy (Shield Volkswagen Golf), Kobus Brits (Pragma Volkswagen Polo), Dirk Lawrence (JDM Tuning Honda Ballade) and Rodney Kruis (Real Pro Auto Honda Ballade).

2022 Regional Extreme Festival Zwartkops 2 preview
Louis Scholtz (Honda Civic) and Andre’ Dannhauser (Opel Corsa) could fight for Car Clinic SuperHatch race victories. Picture: Dave Ledbitter.

The Silvercup race victories should be contested by spaceframe specialists Marius Jacobs (AAA Opel Tigra), Giulio Airaga (Desco Opel Tigra) and Simone Jacobs (Auto Perfect Opel Tigra), as well as Evert Seyffert Sr (Cable Solutions Chevrolet Can-Am), Riaan Draper (Draper Racing Hyundai i20) and Evert Seyffert Jr (Cable Solutions Mazda RX-8 spaceframe).

Rounding out the programme will be races for a visiting group of Mozambican Kia Picanto Cup drivers, plus two liquid Moly INEX Legend heats.

Racing will commence at 7 am on Saturday with admission to cost R130 per adult, R90 for students and kids under 12 get in for free.