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REPORT: Volkswagen said to have approved sale of Bugatti to Rimac

Sale was reportedly approved sometime last week but has yet to be signed off by the supervisory board.

Croatian electric hypercar manufacturer, Rimac, is poised to become the latest owner of Bugatti via Porsche based on a new report from the United Kingdom.

Part of the Volkswagen Group since 1998 after a short spell under Proton ownership, the report by Car Magazine claims that a deal had already been reached last week, but has yet to be approved by the supervisory board in Wolfsburg.

The offloading of the fabled French marque via Porsche stems from Stuttgart’s purchasing of 10% back in 2018 and a further 5.5% last year in order to offset the rapid gains made by Tesla, as well as focus on electrification and autonomous driving its parent company has been championing since emerging of the dieselgate emissions scandal.

Rimac Concept One

Unsurprisingly, no comment from Volkswagen regarding the sale has been made with the article further alleging that has much as 49% of Rimac could be obtained via Porsche in return for Bugatti and its infrastructure in a move billed as being a straight out swap.

What’s more, the publication claims that the sale of Bugatti, and likely departure of CEO Stephan Winkelmann, could have additional repercussions as other marques reportedly under review include Seat, which could merge with its performance Cupra offshoot, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ducati and famed styling house ItalDesign. It remains to be seen though how the rumoured sale of the Sant’Agata and Crewe marques would fizzle out given the former’s ownership by Audi and the latter belonging to the Volkswagen brand itself.

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