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You won’t see John Cena in a Lambo often – he prefers a Honda

Previous generation of Honda's hot hatch has left an impression on the actor and WWE star.

Professional wrestler turned actor, John Cena, has professed to be the owner of a Honda Civic Type R as his daily driver instead of a sportscar or SUV.

Watch the WWE star talk about his Type R below

Speaking in a recent podcast to host Andrew Santino, The Marine and Fast and Furious star admitted that while a number of exotics do frequent his garage, “my daily driver is a Civic Type R”.

“It’s got tech, it’s manual, reliable. The car is stable at 145 mph (233 km/h). It’s got seats in the back. I can actually pick people up. If you’ve got a purse in a Countach, you’re screwed,” Cena said of the Lamborghini iconic supercar of which he owns an example of.

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He said that compared to the Type R, which he states is a “2020 model”, and therefore the previous generation model, the Countach is a “little rough around the edges. The clutch is a dog fight, and it’s really tough to get those things running right like they’re always in the shop. It’s always leaking some sort of fluid somewhere.

“So, if I actually need to drive a car on a distance, say more than 10 miles, it’s the Civic”.

Ford GT saga

Having admitted to being a petrolhead on a number of occasions, Cena made headlines for the wrong reasons in 2017 after being subjected to a lawsuit on the grounds of violating a contract agreement after selling his Ford GT for a considerable profit instead of keeping it for the mandatory two years as required by the Blue Oval.

According to a report by ustoday.com at the time, Cena owned the Performance Blue GT for less than a year before selling it for more than the $463 376 (R8.4 million today) it cost him.

Only 500 examples were made, with each intended buyer reportedly picked carefully by Dearborn executives.

John Cena reveals Honda Civic Type R as his daily
Selling his Ford GT after less than the stipulated two years landed Cena in hot water with the Blue Oval in 2017. Image: Ford

The matter was subsequently resolved a year later with Cena admitting to a breach of contract by paying an undisclosed fine and issuing an apology for selling his GT.

“I love the Ford GT and apologise to Ford, and encourage others who own the car to respect the contract. I am pleased we could resolve this matter outside of court, and that a worthy charity will benefit from one of the most iconic cars in the world,” Cena said in a statement soon after the settlement.

The settlement amount wasn’t revealed, with Ford confirming that it decided to donate the monies to a charity of its choice.

Additional information from jalopnik.com.

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