Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
1 minute read
11 Feb 2021
11:49 am

WATCH: Giant crocodile devours two sharks in less than a minute

Sandisiwe Mbhele

The saltwater crocodile easily and efficiently ate the two baby sharks and swam back into the water.

Crocodile captured on camera eating baby sharks in Queensland’s Cardwell Beach, Australia. Picture: Screengrab

A woman captured jaw-dropping footage of an approximately 4.5m crocodile in Queensland’s Cardwell Beach, Australia, casually eating sharks onshore.

Yvonne Palmer posted a video on Facebook of the moments leading up to the gigantic crocodile swimming along the beach during her fishing trip.

Clearly shaken, she says: “I just caught a shark which I couldn’t get back to the water because this fella was coming to eat it…

“Oh my Lord, this thing is only meters away from us…This monster is like 10 metres away from us…I have never been shaking so much in my whole life.”

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Palmer then proclaims it is the biggest crocodile she has ever seen.

According to NZ Herald, it is a giant saltwater crocodile. It easily and efficiently devoured the two baby sharks and swam back into the water.

Watch the video below

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