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By Carlos Muchave

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WATCH: AKA fans tell us what their favourite Super Mega song is

AKA will forever live through his music.

If the Super Mega was still alive he would have been 36 years of age. It was his birthday on 28 January.

Kiernan “AKA” Forbes has been internationally renowned as one of the greatest musical artist that has ever graced South Africa.

He had a list of endless hits ranging from Composure, Run Jozi, Victory lap, Don’t forget to pray.

But different people enjoy different songs by the Super Mega based on their preference. We took to the streets of Braamfontein and Auckland Park to find out what are their favourite AKA songs.

The impact AKA made was not only significant for the hip hop culture but it also the music industry as a whole. He’s also paid homage to previous music icons through sampling sounds and melodies and incorporating them into his tracks. Examples of these are Sweet fire where he sampled Stimela’s Fire-Passion-Ecstasy, and Fella in Versace where he sampled TKZEE’s Shibobo.

AKA will definitely always be honoured for his bigger than life personality and he will never be forgotten as he will forever live through his music.

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