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By Carlos Muchave

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WATCH: Metro FM Awards host a game drive at the Kruger

Personally I’m just used to visiting the Johannesburg Zoo where all the animals are trapped in confinements like convicts.

The Metro FM Awards (MMAs) was launched at the Kruger Gate Hotel. The MMAs keep getting bigger and better by the year, but we already know that as we’ve seen how it’s progressed through the years of growth in the music and entertainment industry.

I would go on about how Metro hosted media in the grandest way from how we were accommodated to the food and different personalities that they brought together and contributed to every special moment we experienced.

But I would just like to talk about the game drive. Personally I’m just used to visiting the Johannesburg Zoo where all the animals are trapped in confinements like convicts.

This time the experience was different because I was the one confined in a vehicle. Look, I started getting concerned about my safety as soon as we started signing indemnity after indemnity.

I started getting flashbacks of videos of game-drives going wrong. Anyway I signed whatever I needed to sign and consoled myself with the idea that I’d defend myself with my camera if anything goes wrong.

It seemed strong enough to be weapon. The drive started off light with antelopes followed by monkeys and a zebra I didn’t capture because it ran away.

The experience got bigger and heavier as we witnessed one of the big five, the elephant.

So far so good for my safety because we just kept seeing herbivores and at least I wouldn’t be a target to any predator because I was the skinniest on the ride. Media kept asking the game driver ‘when are we going to see the real animals’.

The law of attraction is real so I just kept my mouth shut because I knew if the proverbial hit the fan I know this would’ve turned into a feeding frenzy.

Well fortunately for us the drive came to an end without us seeing any predators and I was completely fine with that. I asked the game driver what’s the toughest part of his job? And he responded:

“The toughest part of my job that everything is my fault like when people don’t see the animals they want to see they blame me, the game driver that they paid so much money just to see antelopes’ It was a great experience and I’m glad everyone came out alive.”

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