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These page turners will have you at the edge of your seat.

The Kill List by Nadine Matheson

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25 years ago a man was convicted of five murders – his kill list was found in his home. Now the convictions are overturned – with evidence implying the original investigation was corrupt. Add to that killings starting up again, and a new kill list and you’ve a cracker of a thriller. HQ


Act of Defiance  by Tom Clancy

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The Russia Navy appears to be pouring money into a secret project. The youngest – particularly bright – daughter of the president is certain the Russians are about to launch a super missile submarine … one that poses a threat to the US. Another thrilling Jack Ryan read. Sphere


The Stranger at the Wedding by AE Gauntlett

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A whirlwind romance, a gorgeous bride and handsome groom and a wedding. But not everyone gathered has come to toast the new couple. Full of twists and turns, this is a dark and thrilling story of control and obsession. Bloomsbury


The Gathering by CJ Tudor

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A boy found with his throat ripped out, the blood drained from his body. A brutal murder, and one that echoes one from 25 years ago. A vampyr colony. Lies and secrets. And then another missing boy … and body parts are found. Scary stuff! Michael Joseph


The In Crowd by Charlotte Vassell

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A lovely afternoon garden party, all  gossip and Pimm’s. But just a stone’s throw away the police are pulling a body out of the Thames. A pleasant evening at the theatre … until a man found dead in his seat. Mystery and murder abound! Faber 


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