Bogus patrol squad arrested for extorting money from N4 taxi operators

It is alleged that the men would stop taxi operators along the road, demand a R2500 fine, and threaten to impound their taxis.

Two undocumented foreign nationals were arrested on Thursday for posing as a taxi patrol association squad along the N4 highway in Tshwane.

It is alleged the two suspects would stop taxi operators along the N4, demand a R2 500 fine, and threaten to impound their taxis should they fail to pay the fine.

According to the spokesperson for the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, Melitah Madiba, the duo was arrested by the Gauteng Public Transport Intervention Unit (PTIU).

“The unit was conducting #FatelaRoadSafety operation along the N4 highway outside of Bronkhorstspruit when they nabbed the two undocumented foreign nationals for allegedly driving a vehicle displaying a false registration plate, fraudulent licence disk as well as extortion.”

Madiba said the unit also impounded two minibus taxis and took the sedan, which is suspected to be a stolen vehicle, to the Pretoria Vehicle Identification Service unit for further investigation.

“It is alleged that the suspects operate along the N4 route where they stop minibus taxis travelling along the route and threaten to impound their vehicles if they do not pay a R2 500 spot fine.”

Transport and Logistics MEC Kedibone Diale-Tlabela commended the PTIU for the arrests.

“The PTIU continues to play an important role in maintaining law and order in the public transport system,” said Diale-Tlabela who was on-site during the arrest.

Diale-Tlabela welcomed the arrest of the two suspects and said these individuals pose a serious threat to the peaceful operation of minibus taxis in the province.

Diale-Tlabela confirmed the PTIU responded to this complaint following a huge outcry about similar incidents that have been taking place along the N4 route over the past few months.

“The department is set to continue conducting #FatelaRoadSafety drives throughout January and beyond to encourage compliance and promote the safe usage of roads in identified hotspots in the province,” she said.

She explained the overall objective of the operation is to reduce carnage through road safety education, encouraging responsible road usage, and declaring zero tolerance for lawlessness and drunk driving, which has been identified as among the leading causes of road accidents.

The PTIU, on the other hand, will continue to monitor and ensure compliance and visibility on provincial roads.

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