Dancing thieves target motorist

CCTV footage taken at a Caltex petrol station has emerged showing suspects dancing around a car, seemingly to distract the driver, before opening the door and removing items the vehicle.

The video, which was taken on 13 November, was uploaded on to Top CCTV Security & Surveillance’s Facebook page on Thursday evening.

In the video, five suspects are seen dancing around the petrol station and asking for money while seemingly scouting for targets.

A car drives in and two of the suspects approach it while the other three stand back.

The muggers suddenly reach inside the vehicle and grab items while petrol attendants look on.

The suspects are then seen struggling with the motorist before two others join them to assist in the robbery.

The suspects grab what looks like a bag and other items before fleeing from the service station on foot.

A representative from Top CCTV could not confirm where the video was taken as the company was inundated with footage.

“We get surveillance videos sent to us every day, so it’s really hard to say where exactly it was taken,” the representative said.

Last week two separate CCTV videos emerged of suspects robbing goods from cars, allegedly using car alarm jamming.

The first video shows a woman’s car being broken into in a parking lot, by a man employing an alleged robbery tactic.

The other shows a suspect stealing a bag from a woman’s car at a petrol station in Johannesburg before fleeing in another car.

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