Formula 1 CEO eager to bring a grand prix to Africa

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali shows commitment to exploring the possibility of hosting a race at the iconic Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit.

The excitement among F1 fans in Africa is palpable as Stefano Domenicali, the CEO of Formula 1, hints at the possibility of the Kyalami Grand Prix circuit being added to the 2024 race calendar.

In a recent investor call, Domenicali confirmed that Formula 1 is exploring the potential of adding a race in Africa to next year’s calendar, making it the only continent where the iconic championship has yet to make its mark in the modern era.

Domenicali’s enthusiasm for the idea is evident as he expresses his eagerness to expand the sport’s global reach.

He acknowledges the significance of racing in Africa to make Formula 1 a truly diverse and inclusive world championship.

He even flew to South Africa from the Azerbaijan Grand Prix to hold talks with local stakeholders, showing his commitment to exploring the possibility of hosting a race at the iconic Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit, which last hosted a Formula 1 race in 1993

However, Domenicali also emphasises the importance of approaching this expansion with caution and ensuring that the right partners and stable fundamentals are in place for a successful long-term endeavour. He recognises the need for a solid foundation to pave the way for a fruitful future for the sport.

Despite concerns from some long-time fans and pundits about traditional venues being replaced by money-driven hosts, Domenicali remains focused on looking ahead and embracing new opportunities. He believes that dwelling on the past is not productive and that a different future can be built with the right approach.

The anticipation among South African fans is particularly high, with hopes soaring that Formula 1 will return to the country in 2024. The prospect of witnessing the world’s most prestigious race on home soil once again is nothing short of thrilling. Fans eagerly await further developments and keep their fingers crossed for a positive outcome.

Domenicali’s enthusiasm and commitment to exploring this opportunity, along with his emphasis on the importance of stability and long-term planning, bode well for the potential addition of a race in Africa to the Formula 1 calendar. 

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