Golfer Jacques van der Sandt killed by crocodile

Golfer Jacques van der Sandt has been killed by a 3.9m long crocodile on the Skukuza Golf Course in Mpumalanga.

Skukuza police spokesperson Warrant Officer Oubaas Coetzer said Jacques van der Sandt (29) and his friend had jumped into Lake Panic, which runs through the golf course, a few times, Lowvelderreported.

It was alleged that after about the fourth time, the crocodile, which was visible earlier on Wednesday, put its jaws around Van der Sandt’s chest and dragged him under water.


SANParks justifies crocodile’s following death of golfer Van der Sandt

A search for Van der Sandt was launched during the night, when a field ranger spotted the crocodile and its victim upstream and shot it, said Coetzer.

Coetzer added that Van der Sandt had bite marks on his chest, and was dead on the ranger’s arrival.

Van der Sandt had been on holiday, visiting his parents who reside in Skukuza. He had played a competition earlier on the day of the incident.

Earlier this year, 42-year-old Mario Ferreira miraculously escaped death when a two-metre-long crocodile in a farm dam in Mpumalanga attacked him.

It was alleged that Ferreira fell out of a canoe, and that the reptile grabbed his left hand, pulling him under the water.

– Caxton News Service

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