Mbombela dog poisoning: Man offers his bakkie as reward to catch perpetrators

He calls those who place the poison terrorists and is offering rewards funded by his recent pension payout.

Jacques Benade (51) is up in arms to find the perpetrators behind the recent spate of dog poisonings in Mbombela. He has offered various rewards for community members who provide concrete information about these incidents – including his own Toyota Hilux D4D.

He posted a poster with the rewards on various social media pages in the hopes of tracking down those responsible as soon as possible.

Jacques Benadie’s ‘wanted poster’ that is making the rounds on various social media pages.

“My ‘wanted poster’ is getting a lot of positive attention. The rewards are real. I am even prepared to give away my private vehicle to the person who turns in the perpetrators who placed the poison in the affected residents’ yards.”

Benade says it has become a passion project. He is funding the project is from his pension payout, as he has recently resigned from his job.

“I intend to use all public and private role players to stop this genocidal attack on our livelihoods. I equate this poisoning to the Nazi-led holocaust, the landmines in Mozambique, the mustard gas used in World War 1 and various places in Europe.

“It is simply not acceptable and clearly premeditated murder on animals and humans, as the terrorists have no control over the uptake of this deadly weapon,” he says.

“The perpetrators are not poor, disadvantaged, racially profiled or hungry. They are ruthless terrorists who move in the murky waters of a guilt-ridden society that needs to act.”

Benade encourages community members to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity related to the dog poisoning incidents to law enforcement and security companies in Mbombela.


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